I have always loved art. Growing up in a small town in the Midwest, I was never really inclined to music or painting, but I always simply loved creating. After moving to Louisville, KY at the beginning of high school, I picked up a camera, and the way I viewed the world was transformed. I began to see art everywhere, and much of it was taken for granted. The views, the stories, the  drop of rain, the old man with a cigarrete. It’s all art, waiting to be put in a  frame.

Yet even as I began to see art all around me, one concept I discovered blew my mind. It was the ablitly to capture an idea, to capture a feeling, in a photo. And this is what has taken over my life. With this concept in mind, I found a new side to portrait and product photography, building my business on capturing the ideas behind products and the personalities behind faces. 

I love working with brands who help individuals see this same beauty around them and work to create stories of their own. Whether it be sunglasses that spark a conversation in a coffee shop or a tent pitched miles from the nearest road, it's all formative of memories and stories. And each of those feeds into the greater good of others, which shows through in each unique personality.

I live to tell those stories as beautifully as I can.

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This is Ranulph, my 2009 Subaru Forester. Since I picked him up in August 2020, this man has taken me to 13 states across more than 20,000 miles, and we share a lot of quality memories. 

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When my time is not filled with working or traveling, I rarely find myself unoccupied. I have been woodworking since I was 3 years old, and I still find a unique peace and creative outlet in my workshop.

I love trying local restaurants, and like many in my line of work, I seem to have a magnetic pull to coffee shops and cafes. I simply love people, and as a result, can often be found planning parties, hosting events, or coming up with elaborate pranks for the closer members of my friend group.

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